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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Elyssa's 3rd Gymnastics Competition

Elyssa went for her 3rd gymnastics competition recently.

Make Up Session in the morning
I'm such a noob at this - happily paid RM 20 for make up and hair. (done by other mummies, $$ went back to the gymnastics club) 

All Glam-ed Up ! 
Another RM 60 went to rental of her leotard. 
She did 2 routines that day - Rope and Hoop. 

With her hoop

No photos of her doing the actual routine.  She didn't even want me to watch! She said it will make her nervous and asked me to go home.  Haiz!  I actually peeped a little from the side during the first routine.  Then left before the second.  I was hesitating actually...went to my car, drove out of my spot and was about to go back in when I saw another car waiting for my spot. Then drove off but nearly wanted to u-turn when I was halfway. Haha.. perhaps I was more nervous than her!

Came back about 2 hours later. Pretty good results actually! 4th for rope, 6th for hoop and 4th for overall placing.  Yay to my Elyssa!!  I was suuuper proud and happy for her. So proud that she soldiered on.

I will never forget the rainy evening at home after her first competition - when she sobbed and sobbed with me on our house staircase,  after she forgot her routine and got last place. At the time, she said she never wanted to try gymnastics again.
3 years on, more than anything, I am happy that instead of quitting, she picked herself up after the last fall and walked on - stronger than before.

Almost made it to the podium! 

Happy with her medals!  
She received a hamper as well.

Way to go Elyssa!!!  She's now pretty fired about her gymnastics now.  Next competition is in November. Will be Erin's first as well.  Fingers crossed all will turn out well :-) 

Erin is 6 !

Yay!  5 day long weekend.  Time to catch up on blogging...

My small princess is now 6 years old!  Last birthday in kindy so this will probably be the last time we have party packs

Packing party packs with jie jie 

Glow in the dark stickers, erasers, stencil, pencil etc 

Wanted to buy her a cake. About to drive out after dinner but then she asked "Mummy, aren't you going to bake my birthday cake? Aiyoo,how to say no like that? 
So headed straight to my kitchen instead to bake a chocolate cake. (already bought the ingredients earlier as planned to bake, then changed plan cos came home late that day) 

Erin's birthday celebration in kindy 
Took photo with all her classmates too, but not so proper to post here. 

On that weekend, we had a family birthday celebration for Erin.

 In her Red Kebaya
I love this outfit! 

With Ah Kong
Ppl say Erin looks like me.  Ppl also say I look like my Papa.  So does Erin look like her Ah Kong?  :-)

More Photos 

Another birthday celebration - this round, we went to Naughty Nuri's with my parents. 

Birthday song and dance for the birthday girl. 
But birthday girl wasn't in the mood that day! 

Last round of birthday celebration - Hub's side of the family couldn't make it earlier, so we had another dinner. Porkie ribs again at Morganfields. 


Happy 6th birthday my small princess!  You are naturally such a sweet and lovely girl, with a smile that lights up your face and warms our hearts.  We love you to the moon and back  :-) 


Test, test 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Papa's Birthday

Celebrated Papa's birthday recently @ Restaurant Extra Super Tanker, Glo Damansara. All the grandkids were busy making birthday cards for Ah Kong days before. Drawing, colouring, cutting, pasting, asking us for spelling etc etc.  On the actual day, how many cards did Ah Kong get? ....ZERO.  Ooops, forgot to bring la, cannot find on the last minute la, still haven't finish la...  Aiya.

But it's the thought that counts right?  ;-)

Food was pretty good! 
Left food ordering to hubby as I went back to the car to get sweaters for the girls. He ordered and then promptly forgotten what he ordered. Had a long debate on one of the items... pork or chicken or venison or bamboo shoot or ???  hahaha

After stuffing ourselves, it's time for Birthday Cake and Song 
Ah Kong, Ah Mah and 7 little heads... check! 
Ooops, one little head (SE) couldn't get near the cake and she bawled after song ended. 

Love the smiles! 

Cake Process photos since I made it  ;-)
Happy with how it turned out! Pandan layered cake has been on my "to-bake" list for years.

We remembered to take a Family Photo this round

Happy Birthday to our dear Papa / Ah Kong! 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Big Scare No. 2

Erin generally looks up to her jie jie and wants to do things jie jie can do.
But this is one incident that I wished she did not!

Really, really dejavu feeling.... not too long ago, I wrote about Elyssa's fall that caused her to vomit and had temporary blindness.  Link here:

Few months after that, Erin did the same thing!!!  And yup.... I have the photos too.


Blood Pressure Monitoring 

Reason she fell?  Same - ran and fell on wet floor
Symptoms ?  Similar.  Kept vomitting but luckily no issue with vision.
We went to the same hospital.... and guess what. The receptionist was the same (wearing the same sweatshirt), doctor on duty was the same, MRI person was the same.  Haiyoh!  Really dejavu!

But ok, I was glad the outcome was the SAME too. Turned out to be just a scare. She was not admitted but it was still a little scary cos she vomited and complained of being dizzy for the next 2 days.

All fine and dandy after that.  Oh my 2 princesses.... pls WALK CAREFULLY next time ya? 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Full Marathon!

I did it!!!

My very first FULL MARATHON.  Yipeeeeee!
42km of pure madness  ;-)

Didn't train as much I should have. As the date got nearer, I started panicking. Was I out of my mind? Yes, I've done 10 Half Marathons before but moving from 21km to 42km is no joke.  I have never even gone beyond 21km (and I'm usually half dead when I finish a HM).  Friends suggested that I go for regular long distance runs, but the most I have time for is 10km at the treadmill, when the girls are are at their Art class. Toyed with the idea of changing to half marathon or just give up the run completely. 

Well, ready or not....I was still at the starting line on May 21st. Nervous as hell. My goal was simple - to complete the run within cut off time of 7 hours.  

Long story cut short (not one of my cheong hei moods today!), I did it! 6 hours and 50 minutes. Real slow for some, but what the heck, I'm super proud that I completed what I set out to do. 

And I still went to work the next day.  Heh, not bad at all! 

Thursday, August 10, 2017


And this is what happens when I leave my phone unattended for a while......!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

When I Lost my Voice

I had a bad bout of sore throat and cough recently.

For two days, I lost my voice.  When Erin asked her usual non stop questions, I whispered softly that I have no voice.

Her solution....

Erin : Mummy, come closer to me.
Me : ?
Erin : Make your mouth into an "O" shape.
Me :  - made an "O" shape" -
Erin  :  - she came close to my mouth and shouted "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh"
Me : ??
Erin : You said you had no voice right?  See I gave you voice already.  Now you should be able to talk.

If only it's so easy to get my voice back!!!!  ;-)

My little "voice giver" 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Crochet Amigurumi - Project #2 and #3

Completed project # 2 and #3!
First project here.

Brown "Forever Friends Bear" for Erin

Took some work in progress photos
See the top right photo?  I accidentally made 3 hands. Duh! 

Pink Bear finally has a friend!
Actually, when I was still making brown bear, Erin made the pink one "talk" to the brown one.  
Pink Bear : Brown bear, when you are ready, I want to MARRY you!

Girls with their one-of-a-kind crochet bears 

Project # 3.

Pink Bunny in progress  

Pink Bunny done! 


My 3 creations 

I'm itching to start my 4th project now.  Hmm.... what shall I make this time?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Family Karaoke

We tried karaoke for the first time recently - small room for just the 4 of us.
Girls said they were a little nervous and may not want to sing.  Ok... I said just try loh.  I figured it would be good for them to feel comfortable with the microphone.  (I used to be terrified to hold one! Just talking into the mike used to make me feel jittery, and when I hear my projected jittery voice, I get even more nervous!)

We paid for the shortest time duration which was RM 12 for one hour per person, inclusive of one bottomless drink each.

BUT when the actual session started.... just look what happened.

They HOGGED the microphones!!! 
Couple of times, I started singing and less than 30 secs later, I can feel the mike being pulled from my hands.  haha 

Turned out to be an enjoyable session indeed and 1 hour flew by so fast. They sang songs from their favourite cartoons (Moana, Frozen etc) and their favourite singers (Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding etc etc)

Next time, we can take the 3 hour package which works out much cheaper per hour  :-) 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Art & Craft

Looked through my old blog posts recently and Erin saw photos of the craft I did with Elyssa last time.  "Mummy, why you never do Art and Craft with me?", she asked.  Ooops!!

So during the school holidays, did a simple paper plate craft with the girls.

Paint, Paint 

Both girls hard at work 

Draw eyes with Sharpie Pen 

Done!  Paper plate lion completed! 

Elyssa made a white rabbit too

Now gotta think of next craft activity ;-) 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cheeky Erin

Recent conversation with Lil Cheeky Erin -

Erin  :   Mummy, smell my hand!
Me    : 'sniff'.  Why so smelly?
Erin   : "lift up hands"  Because I just touched my armpits.  See... my armpit so sweaty and smelly!
Me    :   ??????!!!! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Langkawi Holiday - CNY 2016

Another super back dated post.  One year to be exact!  Langkawi holiday was CNY 2016. Haha..well, better late than never!

It was a lovely short holiday at Langkawi - 2 nights at Tanjung Rhu hotel (absolutely LOVELY hotel!) and then 2 nights at City Bayview Hotel (uhm..any hotel after Tg Rhu definitely pales in comparison)

Took a firefly flight this round
So convenient to fly out from Subang airport 

So excited to start our holiday 

Less than 2 hours later, we were at this amazing place... Tg Rhu Resort

Just so serene

We were lucky to catch a CNY lion dance that day 

Lion dance by the beach! 

Caught a lion by the beach  :-) 

Family photo with one of the lions 

Love this swimming pool ! 

Afternoon tea break with a lovely view 

Alcoholic drink by the pool that night. Hic!
Buy 1-free 1 during happy hours. It's Langkawi after all. 
Girls wanted to watch tv in the room so we did something new this round - left them there!  Taught Elyssa how to call us and we were just 5 mins away within the hotel grounds anyway. 
It was nice to just drink and chat by the poolside and then the beachside. (without hearing "Mummy!" every 10 mins. haha) 

Good night Day 1!
--- to be continued --