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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Yippppeeeeeee...... completed my favourite dress to-date!

WIP photos

Ta Daaaa!!!! 
Did this dress in record time which is 4 days (not full time la) over the long labour day weekend.

 Back view of dress.
Haha.... Erin started posing

My last 2 major projects were these:

Dress for Erin
This dress took me slightly over 2 months!  Took me two weeks to finish 80% of the dress, then stopped for weeks and weeks, then just one last weekend to complete the final 20%.  Busy, busy, plus I tend to have this habit of losing interest in a project halfway.... aiks.  (hence I gave myself the 4 day timeline for the pink dress above. hehe)

Oh, I picked up crocheting as well.  Did my very first scarf project :-)   Took about 2 months as well.

So many things I wanna sew. So many things I wanna bake. So many things I wanna do!! 
If only there are more hours in a day!  :-)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

We had a belated Mother's Day dinner for our mum recently. Belated by almost one month actually  ;-)   Dinner was at Awet Thai in Ara Damansara.

Here are some food photos, pinched from my sis's blog -

Grilled Cockles, Mieng kam, Baked Crabs and Baked Prawns
Funny thing about the mieng kam -When the plate arrived, my dad said : "What is that? I've never had that before.  And my mum said : "Oh, I love this! I've eaten that quite a few times already". And they were both surprised how come the other person tried/ haven't tried the dish before.  Wuakakaka!

Sizzling pork, Paku salad, Grilled wings and Tom Yum Soup

Food was yummy!  And I've discovered a great way of having photos without having to stop greedily shoving food into my mouth - just hiss at someone else to take photo. Whee he hee.  All food photos were shamelessly pinched from my sis's blog.  ;-)

After dinner, we tried to take grandparents with grandkids photos....

Erin went to happily sit on Ah Mah's lap
At that point, I tot we may be able to replicate the grandkid #1,#2 etc photos taken last time

But uhm.... no, they started playing hide and sick with the camera. (should have taken a photo of that. heh)

Anyway, only managed to get a few decent photos -

With 4 grandkids
See how Erin has her arms tightly around Jensen??  Adoi. 
Will write more about that next time.   

Best photo we managed. Minus one grandkid and plus one adult  ;-)

Kids playing "London Bridge" after dinner-

The little boy from the next table kept staring at them and after a while, he came to play as well.  He was at a family dinner too, but he was the only kid among all the adults. Really grateful that my 2 girls have so many cousins to play with :-)

Looks like we'll add Awet Thai to our list of acceptable venues for family ocassions.  Oh, my brother and I went for the Great Eastern 12km run the next morning.  Note to self - do not have spicy Thai dinner before a run :-0
Happy Mother's / Grandmother's Day!

Erin's One to Ten

Just penning this down, before I forget. This is how Erin counts from One to Ten:

One, TOO, TEE, POUR, PIE, TIC, TEVEN, Eight, Nine, Ten

Her "yeS" is almost perfect now (instead of "yEA") but not so much progress in other areas.  She loves to talk tho! She can go on and on but sometimes we can't quite get what she says. *sigh*

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Elyssa's Gymnastics Competition

Elyssa started Gymnastics at her school early this year. About 2 months ago, she went for her very first competition.

Final practice day before competition

All glam-ed up on Competition Day!
Hers was a last minute entry actually, confirmed just one week before competition day.  She missed some classes during our Adelaide holiday and on her ballet exam day. Thus, she was always in the "non-competition" group. Both groups learn the same routine, but I think there must have been more focus on the competition group.

Warm Up/ Practice Session
During the actual competition, it's 2 girls at a time.
Alas, despite practicing hard daily for that one week after her participation was known, she forgot her routine halfway.  :-(     I cringed when her partner turned and ran back (part of the routine) but she stood fixed at her spot, waiting for the music cue.  I signalled for her to run back. She saw and turned and ran, but it was too late and unfortunately a very obvious mistake.  She managed to recover and finish up her routine though.
Results came out shortly after that and she got last place. 12 out of 12.  *sigh*
Back home, poor girl cried and cried. It was so so painful to watch. :-(
She wanted to quit gymnastics classes after that. Didn't help that one of her school classmate (who also took part)  kept teasing her for getting last place. 
I was initially at a crossroad whether to let her quit or continue.  But then after thinking about it, I became quite adamant that she continues. Cos if she quits, the competition failure will always be in her mind and it will forever be a black mark. And more importantly, I didn't want her to see quitting as a solution to a problem. I waited for a week before bringing up the subject of gymnastics classes again. After a long negotiation process, we both came up with an agreement - she gets one packet of Super Ring junkfood if she continues classes for at least 2 months. And a butterfly ice-cream for Erin and herself for joining the competition. And that I walk her into the class. (sometimes I just drop her off)
She was super nervous on her first day of class after the competition!   But I was really relieved that when I picked her up, she was sweaty but all smiles, saying they got to use their ball that day.
About 2 months on, she's enjoying her gymnastics classes again. I am soooo glad that she didn't quit!  Yipee Yay Yay!  and Yay for Super Ring junkfood!  Oh, the girl who teased her for getting last place? (her initials are HCY)
Last week, Elyssa told me :  "Now I have 2 best friends in school. N and HCY!!!". 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Maid is Back!

We survived 3 weeks without our Cambodian helper! Hehe….. first world problem  ;-)

Was super relieved when we saw her at the airport after her 3 week holiday!! It was actually her first holiday after being with us for almost 4 years.
Performance wise, she's not super great, but ok lar.... just close one (sometimes one and half) eyes ;-)
Big plus point is that she adores Erin to bits! She has 4 boys of her own so she treats Erin like a daughter she never had.
Looking back at this old post, I was concerned about the 2 agreements I signed that week - for a new maid and a new job.  4 years on, maid is still here and I'm still with the same company.  I guess the decisions weren't too bad after all! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Speech Therapy for Erin

We started Erin on her speech therapy again. She has improved quite a fair bit, but still slow for her age.

Last Saturday was her 3rd session (my first one as the previous 2 were on weekdays), and the therapist focused on 3 sounds:
a) H  :  Ha-Ha-Ha, Hu-Hu-Hu, Hee-Hee-Hee.
b) P   : uP, iP, oP, eP
c) K   : Khhhh.  Ke, Ka, Ki, Ku, Ko

Erin was quite ok with the first 2. With practice, I think she should be able to master it eventually.

The "K" sound is tough tho! The therapist used a tongue depressor (like an ice-cream stick) to press down the tongue so Erin didn't quite like that.

Session in Progress
Luckily, Erin is pretty comfortable with the therapist.

Feeling the air for the "H" sound
Hopefully she will progress fast. Need to remind myself to spend some time daily to go through the speech exercises with her!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Adelaide Holiday - Day 7 (Part 2) and Day 8 (final day)

Day 7 (part 2)

After Carrick Hill, we drove back to Adelaide town center. Made a stop at Haigh's Chocolate Factory @ Greenhill Road. Too bad we missed the last chocolate factory tour.  What to do...just go to the chocolate shop loh.

Haigh's Chocolate Shop
Plenty of chocolate selection! Not exactly cheap tho. 
We were about to walk-off then discovered a section called "Chocolate Seconds" i.e. slightly imperfect chocs (eg: chipped off at side, broken bars) at discounted rates.  Whoo hooo!!!  We happily chose chocs from that section  :-) 

After Haigh's, we set the GPS to our hotel for the final night of the holiday.

Tonsley Hotel
After staying at the lovely apartment at Lady Bay Links, this hotel room was of course very different. Basic (but clean) small room with 2 single beds and 1 double bed, no cooking facilities. Pretty pricey too, at AUD 130 a night, booked via Agoda. 
We counted our blessings that we managed to stay at Lady Bay Links under the Marriott Vacation Club package!

We didn't stay the last night at Lady Bay Links partly due a silly mistake on our part. Booked 7 nights (fixed block) at the apartment, then booked the return flight based on 7 nights from departure date. But forgot that departure was just before midnight!!  So effectively, we missed out the first night at the apartment, and didn't have a place for the last night of our holiday. Bummer!  But then again, maybe it was for the better cos by flying out on Friday night instead of Thursday night, the girls didn't have to miss school (ok, mebbe that's just us consoling ourselves. hehe) 

Anyway, we rested a while at the hotel, then drove to Glenelg for dinner. (no more cooking facilities). Pretty near the hotel but what was totally UNEXPECTED was the difficulty in getting a parking slot on a Friday night! Gosh, we ended up circling the place for close to an hour before resorting to paying something like AUD 10 per hour at a premium parking zone. Grrr!  Ok, in hindsight, we should have just parked at the premium zone when we got there. 

Dinner at Outback Jacks 

My pork platter 
Nice but nothing great  

Girls were engrossed with the colouring packs 

We walked around Glenelg a little then headed back to the hotel to complete our final packing. We were about the sleep when we got a call from our neighbour that our home had been burgled!!  Aaarghhh!!  What a shocker!  3 men were spotted jumping into the compound. Further checks revealed they tried knocking the glass panel but didn't manage to enter, probably scared off cos my opposite neighbour got suspicious when our dog barked continuously (poor dog was cordoned-off to under the washing machine) and drove his car to our gate area.

Day 8
Nothing much for Day 8 since we had to return our rented car by 10am. (since we collected the car at 10am on Day 1. If not for the car restriction, we would have to be at the airport by 11+ anyway. No point paying extra for just that one hour).  We managed to squeeze in a last round of grocery shopping before we left though. Bought chocolates!

Bye Bye Car!  Our faithful companion throughout the 8 day holiday

Final photo of the holiday

Goodbye Adelaide!!  We'll be back one day!
It was really an easy paced, free-n-easy holiday for us. There was no wi-fi at Lady Bay Links which took a while to get used to. But when we went to the free wi-fi zone near Rundle Mall in Adelaide town and hubby's phone went "Peet" " Peet" "Peet" continuously with incoming messages and he started replying them, I realised,  "Hey, it is really good to be disconnected after all"!
Really loved the time we spent together as a family.  :-)
*finally I'm done with Adelaide posts, 2 months after our holiday. hehe*