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Monday, November 23, 2015

My Little Dancing Queen

At my cousin's wedding last night:

E : I like the music performed by the live band.  I really feel like dancing! 

And when I feel like dancing, I just dance...... 

And dance and dance

Oh what a night!  Erin was in a super duper happy mood.  I've never seen her dance in public like that.  

Managed to take a short video -

Kekeke.... my little exhibitionist!  
Really reminded me of Elyssa when she was younger and danced at the dance floor during our Bansai Cruise in Vietnam.  

Erin danced and danced for a pretty long time last night  (much to the amusement of her grandparents, granduncles and grandaunties) , with a little curtsy at the end of each song.  

Loved it , loved it, loved it  :-)   Loved seeing her dance, loved seeing her so happy, loved the simple innocence of childhood, loved the smiles she brought, loved so many things!!! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Naughty Corner

Pics of little Erin crying angrily in her naughty corner.
Keke..... mummy put on an angry face, but deep inside, I thought she was pretty cute  :-)

Western Australia Holiday - Day 8 (last day)

Last day of our holiday today!  *sobs*   Main itinerary is the drive back to Perth airport, return rented car and then take the flight back home.

Last photo of the apartment. Bye Bye apartment!
I like how Jie Jie is helping mei mei with her bag here  :-) 

Snapped this photo of the outdoor swimming pool before getting into the car 
It was too cold to swim in the pool!   Uhm..just an excuse tho.  There was actually a heated indoor swimming pool too, which we never got round to using. 

Kids Playroom
We never got round to using the kids playroom too.  Why?  Gosh, I seriously have no idea! Just a couple of steps away from our apartment unit but somehow never thought of going in.  Grrr!!! Silly, silly.  And we were back at the apartment by 5pm on most days anyway. 

On the way to the airport, hubby decided to make a quick detour to Freemantle

@ Freemantle 

Green Lighthouse 

Couldn't find a parking lot near the bay, so we settled for the park instead.

Our last picnic lunch.  Girls had fun chasing seagulls! 

Headed to the airport after that.  Airport was terrible - the Perth airport was under construction so it was confusing and check in & immigration counter queues were horribly long. Immigration queue snaked all the way down a staircase and it took us almost 2 hours. Grr!  Cargo probably got a little mixed up too cos when we reached KLIA, we waited more than an hour for the stroller (an hour AFTER we got our other bags) together with a couple of others who waited for their wheelchairs/ strollers too.
Ah well, not a great end, but nevermind, it was still a GREAT holiday  :-)

Our Aussie loot
ps : baked beans and pasta shells were from our unfinished pantry supplies. Not purposely bought to be brought back  ;-)

And I'm finally DONE with my Aussie posts..... 2 months after returning. Hehehe. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Western Australia Holiday - Day 7

Good Morning Day 7!  Our final full day of the holiday.  Gosh... why did time fly by so fast??

Started the morning by frying up some eggs and bacon. We planned to have lunch outside, so didn't do our normal routine of packing lunch.

Part of Breakfast 

And then we went off to explore!
First stop was Margaret River Dairy Company.  Bought a small tub of yummy strawberry yoghurt. Forgot to take pics of the place.

Next stop : Margaret River Nuts and Cereal. Got ourselves a pack of Macadamia Nuts and some granola.

Macadamia Nuts 

We walked to take a closer look at the Macadamia Trees. Girls were just happy to run about.

First time seeing a Macadamia Tree! 

Photos of my 2 princesses. They were both in a very happy mood that day  :-) 
Love all these photos!  So lovey- dovey and with matching outfits and hairstyle too. 
Pity the sky was a little gloomy that day.

Erin had a little fall when she was running.  Jie Jie gave her a little kiss  :-) 

Next stop :  Pukara Estate for some premium olive oil and balsamic vinegars.

@ Pukara Estate 

Beautiful flowers! 

Hubby tasting the balsamic vinegar
We ended up getting 4 small bottles of balsamic vinegar and a bottle of olive oil. Took our time as it started to rain. 

Not run-of-the mill Balsamic Vinegars 

Next agenda :  look for a lunch place.  We settled on Duckstein Brewery, which is just opposite Laurence Wines where we had lunch the previous day.

Restaurant Area 

Walked around a bit while waiting for our lunch-

Elyssa at the wooden bridge

Jie Jie and Mei Mei 

My small princess and I 

Lavender bush! 

With my 2 girls 

Lunch is ready! 
Seafood pasta, schnitzel and fish and chips.

Enjoying lunch 

Since it was raining outside, we just chilled and enjoyed the surroundings  :-)
Ordered coffee and chit chatted.  Girls were kept busy with colouring pages (from the restaurant)

More photos @ Duckstein Brewery

Again, we were one of the last customers to leave!
Did some last minute shopping after that and then headed back to the apartment.  Time to start packing our stuff.  Sigh.

Cooking dinner for the last time 

Girls playing after dinner 

-- End of Day 7 --

Monday, October 26, 2015

Western Australia Holiday - Day 6

Good morning Day 6!

Every morning, the girls get the privilege of getting their hair nicely tied up by their grandma. (this mummy doesn't know how to tie hair nicely. hehe)

Erin requested a front and back photo  :-)  

And off we went to explore!

First stop of the day :  The Growers Winery.  (hope I got the name right)

Another place with beautiful scenery
I can never, never ever get bored of this. Knowing the hazy situation back home made me appreciate blue skies even more. 

MIL at the garden area
It's her birthday today. Happy Birthday Mah Mah! 

Phil, the friendly owner , gave the girls a set of colouring activity book (designed by his own daughter) and pen each.

Girls busy with their new Colouring Activity Book 

Next stop : Yallingup Sheep Sheering Farm

Hello Sheep!
Unfortunately, we missed the sheep sheering show by 15 minutes.  *sigh*. But what to do..

Next stop (and main attraction of the day) : Ngilgi Cave 

Cave Entrance
Really surprising that there is a huge cave underneath this flat surface 

At one of the staircase in the cave 
And that's my 74 year old MIL, who went on all the steps without any trouble at all. Really salute her strength! Even other visitors (who sat on a bench to catch their breath) commented she's such a strong lady for her age!  

Some photos I snapped of the cave interior 

Big smile from Erin  :-) 

Walk to the car park 

After Ngligli Cave, we went to Cheeky Monkey Brewery for lunch.

Happy 74th birthday, Mah Mah! 

Enjoying Lunch 
Still remembered I hardly ate much. hehe. 
It was during lunch at Cheeky Monkey that I received a call from my headhunter and I got to know about the confirmed salary package of my new job. (tho I knew about the job offer and the tentative salary package few days earlier. Pretty fast since the final round of interviews in SG was just one day before we flew to Aussie!) 

                                                   Surroundings @ Cheeky Monkey 
                                                  Another absolutely gorgeous place. Loved it!

After a leisurely lunch, we dropped by Vasse Virgin again.

Vasse Virgin 
Bought some additional body lotion and face moisturisers

Then time to head back to the apartment!  Last minute, we decided to de-tour to get some groceries. Girls didn't want to go so we dropped them at the apartment with grandma, and we went to Coles in Dunsborough.  Nice also, to have some quiet time with just the two of us.  :-)

Erin's "I am bored" look !  ;-)
 (photo taken earlier) 

Sunset as we were leaving Coles 

Had dinner at the apartment (can't remember what we ate since I didn't snap any photos) and then Zzzzzz.....

-- End of Day 6 --