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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Crochet Bear Project

I finally completed my crochet bear project!!!  Yiiiiipeeeeeeee!!!!

The final result 

Elyssa with her brand new bear 

I started this project in October last year.  One full year to complete this project!  Hehe.  I wrote about my "new crochet project" in an earlier blog post  :-)

For the longest time, Mr Bear was in this condition -

Uncompleted Bear
Strangely, I enjoyed crocheting the different components but hated the part of stitching them all together! 

Every once in a while, Elyssa will remind me about the uncompleted bear. Sometimes I would pick the project up.  Then sew a crooked leg.. , take out again, then abandon it for few months, then pick up the project again but cannot find needle la, cannot find white yarn la etc etc..... that's how 12 months passed by!

After all the dilly-dallying, it was took me just one weekend to finally complete it. (told myself to complete it by hook or by crook. Dun care whether "senget  or not)  Haha... should have just finished it much earlier!

Super pleased with my completed bear!  I've started on my second bear for Erin.

Completed Legs for Bear #2 

Hopefully Bear #2 doesn't take me one full year ! :-) 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Stomach Flu Bug

Sobs.... stomach flu bug going around in the family. Elyssa got it from her cousins and then my mum got it, then Erin and latest 2 victims are hubby and my maid.  Aaaargh! (I think I got a mild form of it too. Hopefully it was, so my "turn" is considered over)

Snapped a picture of poor little Erin hugging her Vomit Pail  :-(

Surprisingly, she didn't cry at all during the whole ordeal which lasted about 2 days.(especially for a girl who can typically cry over the smallest things!)  Instead, she just patiently hugged the pail saying "I'm waiting for the vomit to come out".  If she had to wait too long, she would just lie down on the floor next to her pail.  My poor baby!

Hugging her Vomit Pail 

Glad she's ok now!  But she was already too thin before the stomach flu until can easily see the outline of her ribs. Even thinner now.  Time to fatten this little girl up! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Albany Holiday - Day 5 (Part 2)

After our packed lunch, we went on some of the other lookout points.

Stoney Hill 

Beautiful view, but pity the skies were a bit gloomy 

Next stop - Cable Beach


Staircase going right down to the Coastline

I never knew Albany is so beautiful!!! 

Lighthouse on the right

Feeling on Top of the World!!! 

Love, Love this photo! 

Walked right up to the Lighthouse 

Absolutely gorgeous scenery!  We kept saying over and over again - Albany is just beautiful...!!

Headed back to the holiday home after that.

Elyssa lazing on the deckchair at the balcony 

Took a photo of papa taking a photo  :-) 

Cheeky girls 

We went grocery shopping in town that evening.  Took this photo of a bush fire on the way back, around 6+pm. Saw it burning that morning around 11+am. Gosh, burning for hours!

Bush Fire 

Day 5 Dinner 
Roast Chicken (store bought), Hot Soup (leftover porkbone soup base from previous night but I added additional carrots and iceberg lettuce.Super sweet!)  Sausages and rice

Ipad time with Ah Kong after dinner  :-) 

After dinner, hubby and I walked to Goode Beach. Super cold but it was nice to stroll along the beach, illuminated only by the bright moonlight.  Beautiful end to a beautiful day  :-) 

--End of Day 5-- 

Albany Holiday - Day 5 (Part 1)

Plan for the morning is to go on some of the scenic trails... wheee peeee!! Parents and girls at the holiday home so just the 2 of us.

Main Trail of the Day - Isthmus Hill and Bald Head Track 

Start of the track.  So exciting! 

Snap, snap photo while walking.  :-) 

Not a track we can go with the girls 

End of Isthmus Track
OMG...... absolutely gorgeous!!! 

The only time in this trip I took my jacket off outdoors! 
Beautiful day + warmth from all the walking.  But only lasted few minutes before I had my jacket back on.  hehe.  

Realised I was wearing my 21km run finisher t-shirt, so asked hubby to snap the back as well.  ;-) 

Enjoying the view 

Could just sit here for ages! 

Continued on to Bald Head Track..

What can I say?  Just Bee-Yoo-Tee-Full!!! 

Blue-Green Water 

Wildflowers on the track

Isthmus - with water both sides 

Such a lovely track! 

Various Wildflowers from the Track 

We only walked part way of the 16km Bald Head Track - turned back when it got a little steep and slippery.  Plus we were cautious from the wordings on the board :  "should be attempted only by the fit and well prepared" & " track is steep and difficult in some areas and there are many tigersnakes".  First one (fit) is hubby's fear while second one (snakes) is mine!

But definitely happy enough with what we saw from the track.

Selfie before heading back  

Felt hungry after the trail, so it was time to look for a spot to eat our lunch.

Found a lovely spot! 
Few minutes drive from Bald Head trail. 

Food somehow tastes better when there's beautiful scenery!
Chicken patty, bacon and fried egg sandwich.  Yumz

Our picnic table overlooking the water 

-to be continued -

Albany Holiday - Day 4

Good morning Day 4!

Couldn't resist snapping this photo.  Papa said he found a nice place to warm his bum. Hahaha! 

Road trip to Denmark today.

Trail nearing the beach 

Shelley Beach 

Lots of seashells at this beach! 

Girls with grandparents 

Lookout Point near Shelly Beach
Just Beautiful! 

Family Photo 

We saw a Paraglider at the Lookout Point
Omg..... super scary!  I'll never dare to do this.  Such a windy day too. 

Up, up, up into the sky! 

Planned to have lunch outside today, so we didn't pack our usual sandwiches. Spotted a nice place for a bite..

Boston Brewery 

Nice cosy place 

Fireplace in the middle 

Food was good! 

Empty plates and Satisfied Bellies! 

@ Green Pool, Denmark 

Such calm waters, sheltered from the Great Southern Ocean by rock boulders.

Ice-Cream & Honey @ Bartholomews Meadery 
Funny pose by Erin  :-) 

4 of us 

Headed back after that -
Day 4 Dinner 

--End of Day 4 --