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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mama's Birthday - 2014

Celebrated my mum's birthday at Unique Seafood Restaurant recently.

Will let the pictures do the talking -

Star dish of the night - Signature steam fish and prawns in lemongrass soup.
Super, super yummy!!

This dish was also very good - chili crabs

I just HAD to take a photo of this - my father taking photos of food!!!  Not bad for someone who used to ask "why you'll keep taking photos of food?????" Hahahaha! 
  (sidenote -  must show papa how to take a selfie one of these days. )

We didn't know when we booked, but the room came with a karaoke system.  Whee heee!

Erin hogging the microphone
She happily screamed  wished "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH MAH!!" multiple times into the mike, until we had to take away the mike from her  :-)

Elyssa was a bit self-conscious at first (aiyo, what happened to my fearless little girl?).  But she soon warmed up and sang the entire "Let it Go" song from the show Frozen.

Duet with daddy

Kids playing around

I baked a birthday cake for the occasion.
Luckily no major disaster this time.  Last year, the cake I made collapsed so I had to buy a last minute cake from Secret Recipe  ;-)

And ta daaa........ the real STAR of the night.... the birthday girl!!

Ah Kong and Ah Mah with their 7 grandkids

Another photo of the cake (since I made it. hehe)
2 layered light vanilla sponge cake, sandwiched with peaches and cream, and topped with strawberries, peaches and kiwi. 
Hmm... need to improve cake cutting skills also.  ;-)

Happy Birthday to my dear Mama!!  :-)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Self Made Toys

The girls have plenty of toys at home, but the ones I love most are their make-belief ones  :-)

Their current favourites :

1) Soldier Set

See.....comes with a drum

2) Space girl !! 
Didn't take a photo, but they sit on an empty carton box and then say "Blast Off to Outer Space"

Super love their imagination  :-)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Backside Stories

*blow cobwebs* 

One whole month with no updates! longest MIA to-date since I started this blog 6 years ago. . Have been super busy with 2 business trips to Bangkok.  And for the one week gap between the 2 trips, hubby got hospitalised for dengue! Luckily he's ok now.

Better write down these "Backside Stories" before I forget  :-)

Erin’s Backside Story
These days, Erin has a bad habit of holding her pee for too long. And at the last moment, she does a funny wiggle while declaring “pee pee want tome (come) out” !!!  

The lead time between that declaration and when the pee comes out is really very short. There were a couple of pee incidents and her response- 
Erin  [in a sad voice, complete with sad pout] : My back chide yaugthy today. (my backside naughty today)
On another day :
Erin : My back chide yaugthy again. I want to CHANGE back chide.

LOL!  I just couldn't help laughing!  


Elyssa’s Backside Story
Out of the blue, we had this conversation -
Elyssa :  mummy, I see your backside before.
Me : nod head

Elyssa : has daddy seen your backside?
Me :  ( thinking how to answer).  Err….yes

Elyssa :  HARRRRR ?????  (while laughing out loudly)  Daddy see your backside before??  Naughty daddy!!!  Boys cannot see girls backside!
Unless they are kids.  Daddy can see my backside cos I’m still a kid.  But you are not a kid.  Naugthy daddy!
No backside photos, but here's a recent photo. (side track a bit : I love the way they have their arms around each other)

Friday, August 22, 2014

National Day of Mourning

Few months ago, hubby and 2 of his friends were chatting casually over whatsapps in the wee hours of the morning when he heard a plane en route to China disappeared. He typed “I hope you wife is not on that flight?” but it was followed by a worrying silence from that friend. 

I woke up that morning with hubby’s phone call (he went out early to get water basins cos of water rationing)  frantically telling me she was indeed on that flight.  We heaved a sigh of relief when we heard about the emergency landing in Nanjing. But that was untrue and it turned out to be the beginning of hours, then days, then weeks of the whole saga – and feelings of pain, hope, despair, anger, bewilderment, hope against hope, disbelief, over and over again. We followed the event very closely, glued to our tablets to get the latest information.                           

Not only was she the wife of hubby’s friend, she was also the mummy of Elyssa’s best friend.   Both girls hit it off since they started kindy at 4yo and have remained best of friends till now. The girls also meet outside school cos in the past year, our families (together with others),  have celebrated housewarming, Christmas, birthday and bbq parties at each other’s homes.  Plus the neighbourhood and school events that we attend together.   

I cried and cried thinking of the little girl and her elder brother.  Far too young to be deprived of their mummy’s love  L

I cried when Elyssa came home with nicely tied hair few weeks after that incident. Why?  Cos there was no mummy to tie her best friend’s hair.  (their teacher tied for the little girl.  Then tied hair for some of the others so that she didn’t feel singled out)

I can’t help looking at the playground near my house without thinking that not too long ago, Elyssa and Erin played happily with Elyssa’s best friend and her brother, while hubby and I chatted with their mummy. We talked about badminton rackets, bicycles and don’t know what else. It was just an ordinary event on an ordinary day.
Or so we thought.  I never imagined that it would be our last conversation together. And that it would be the last time I see the 2 kids at the playground with their mummy. 
5 months on, I still think about MH370 often. Sometimes a little guilty that my life goes on as normal but for families of those on board, their lives will never ever be the same again. 

The one thing that I keep telling myself these days is “don’t sweat the small stuff”.  Cos often, the things I complain and rant and get myself worked up are really nothing at all, when considered in the bigger scheme of things.
May those who perished in MH370 and MH17 rest in peace.  And may their families have the strength and faith to carry on with their lives.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rainbow Loom

We finally tried Rainbow Loom recently. Pretty fun actually.  Thumbs up to the Malaysian born designer!

Elyssa received a set for her 6th birthday but for some strange, strange reason we just couldn't find it despite searching through the entire house. Waited for a few months hoping it'll re-surface but it never did.  Bummer.

So I bought a new set from the newly opened Spotlight store at Ampang Point. (side track a bit - I super LOVE that store.  I went gaga during their opening sale!)

Elyssa was so excited when I got the loom home-

Concentrating hard

Looping the bracelet
She can now make the simpler designs on her own
(but I help out at the beginning and the last bit of attaching the c-clip)

Tada.... started off with the "Single Loop" bracelet
Then proceeded to the "Fish Tail" bracelet

"Star Burst" bracelet
This one I did on my own. Took me 3 attempts before I got it right! So there I was sitting on my bed struggling with the loom, when I tot - eh, is this loom for Elyssa or for me??  hehe.

Both girls love wearing their bracelets, sometimes a few on one hand. Erin likes to wear it as an anklet too. Wonder how long this craze will last! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I wish...

These days, Elyssa likes to say stuff like : “I WISH I have a frozen doll”, “I WISH I can go to Genting”. “I wish this ……” I wish I that…..”

Cos she knows if she starts it with “I WANT …….” then mummy starts talking about “you cannot have everything you want, mummy daddy works hard for the money, some children don’t even have a portion of what you have bla bla bla”

I tried this lecture once when she said “I WISH …..” and her immediate response was “ but Mummy, I just said I WISH, I didn’t say I WANT. Its something I wish I can have only but it doesn’t mean I want you to buy for me” and she said it with a sweet smile.

Oh boy, oh boy! I just couldn’t help smiling. She found a way to tell me what she actually wants without actually saying she it!

And her strategy kinda worked.  I just bought a Frozen Elsa doll online for her last night cos I know how much she really wants err…..wishes for it. J 


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another ballerina

Elyssa stopped going for her ballet classes when we moved house a year plus ago. We were busy most weekends with the packing, moving, unpacking, furnishing etc etc.  Then her regular class got full.  Then she seemed to have lost interest. Also, I bumped into her ex ballet classmate's mum who mentioned that classes were getting tougher and it may be difficult for her to catch up.  Hmm...

But when I started bringing Erin for her class, Elyssa got all interested again. After much pestering on her part, I let her attend the free trial class. She LOVED it, and yup I signed her up for classes.

Looking sweet in her ballerina outfit
Her little curtsy
Her previous classmates have probably progressed to the next level. (next level is for 6 and a half years old onwards, or earlier if the teacher assess them as ready). She's 6 years and 3 months old now so I'll keep her at this level for a while more to let her to catch up and be comfortable with the class.
Every week, both girls look forward excitedly to their ballet classes.  And every week, I get this warm fuzzy feeling when I see them in their pink little ballerina outfits   :-)